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On October 29th, ASAP/After School Activities Partnerships is participating in the Generosity Series 5K event! Generosity Philadelphia is a multi-charity 5K Run/Walk that takes place at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where several charities team up to raise funds in support of their respective missions!

The event will feature ASAP staff, board members, long-time coach and friend, Johnny Scrabble and more! Our goal is to raise $25,000 to directly support the youth in Philadelphia through after school enrichment. 

How to donate:

  1. Go to:
  2. Scroll down to our participants, our teams and top fundraisers
  3. Select any ASAP individual (staff, board member, club leader/ coach) to support! Please note that although you support a runner, ALL proceeds go to the chairty.

How to run OR walk:

  1. Go to:
  2. Scroll down and click "register for this event"
  3. Create a profile- this includes why you are participating and personal fundraising goals, which can be updated at any time. This will also be the link you share among friends, family and co-workers to support you. 
  4. Commit to raising at least $200 for the youth of Philadelphia after school enrichment mission.

Why support?

ASAP serves youth attending traditional Philadelphia neighborhood public and charter schools (grades K-12), where it is estimated that 81% of students come from circumstances of poverty.

According to recent Philadelphia School District data:

  • 60% of traditional public and public charter school 3rd graders do not read on grade level;
  • 37% of the city’s youth are chronically absent from school;
  • and only 65% of youth graduate high school in four years

By supporting Team Philly ASAP, you are supporting youth in Philadelphia discover new talents, new friends and new worlds when the school day ends. You are keeping them SAFE & ENGAGED. At ASAP, we believe that after school is not just a tmie when kids get to BE themsleves- it is a time they get to BECOME themselves through enriching experiences. You are keeping them on track.

Support Team ASAP

Every little bit counts!

Be sure to share: with friends and family who support keeping the youth of Philadelphia safe & engaged and on track for graduation!


If you have questions about registering or donating: please contact ASAP's Communication and Development Coordinator, Tori Bakey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  OR 215-545-2727 ext. 12

2017 Summer Debate Academy

Fake news vs. independent journalism. Cyber-bullying vs. online community building: Philly youth debate pros and cons of social networking sites

IMG 2067 640x427

New friends, 7th grader Shakia of Folk Arts Cultural Treasures Charter Schools, and 8th grader Raquel of Maratime Academy Charter School prepare for cross fire round vs. opponents!

On Friday, August 4th, students participating in ASAP’s Summer Debate Academy competed in a two round tournament on the following topic, “Resolved: On balance, social media networking sites have a positive impact on the United States.”  But this was not their first go at the topic.

Over the course of two weeks, 40 Philadelphia youth, from 25 schools in Philadelphia, had been steadily crafting pro and con arguments on the growing influence social media has on public discourse, government policy and international relations. The catch, is that a huge percentage of this year’s campers were debate novices, perhaps only used to arguing over pizza toppings without respective restraints, instead of climate change and the Electoral College.

The structure of the camp was to divide students into four groups, each with a teacher and a TA. During the first week, groups learned the basics of debate through instruction and games, while discussing the social media topic with their teachers, a topic so relevant to the life of a millennial. Groups were quoted, “I’m not sure I can even imagine a world without social media. It doesn’t exist.”

Then, in the second week, students were placed in pairs and began to research the social media topic using evidence packets and Microsoft tablets provided by ASAP.  From there, the pairs wrote pro and con speeches and practiced for the upcoming tournament.


IMG 2166 640x427

Veteran 9th grader, Maliek of Paul Robeson HS and 8th grader, Berekt, of Labroatory Charter School fight for their contentions! 

The academy is unique, in that students with experience often work with partners who are still learning debate techniques and strategies, and are almost always from different schools from throughout the city. Although apprehensive at first, students unanimously agreed that the most important part of the experience was the friends that they made.

IMG 2198 640x427

New to debate, 9th grader Mateo, of Esperanza Academy Charter School and 8th grader Sanaiah of Maritime Academy Charter School question the validity of their opponent's argument   

Correction. The family they gained.

In addition to reading, writing and constructing arguments, students were also granted a variety of opportunities to further explore and interact with content related to the final tournament, such as speaking to education reporter, Avi Wolfman-Arent and Assistant Vice President of News, John Mussoni, of WHYY and News Reporter, Dave Kinchen of Fox 29 News, about the effects of social media on journalism and the spread of fake news.

Overall, Avi and John offered an interactive presentation where they provided expertise on busting “bogus” sources, and recognizing credible information in a public sphere. John even distributed copies of the National Enquirer to show how “fake news” existed even before the internet. Then, Dave of Fox 29, engaged the kids on topics about “clickbait” and the fast pace nature of TV news. All three reporters took questions from the group, and the students gained perspective on the topic of their upcoming tournament. Avi even returned on the final day of the camp to interview students about their competitions. Click here to read more!



[From left to right]: Avi-Wolfman and John Mussoni of WHYY and Dave Kinchen of Fox 29 

Thanks to ASAP Debate Partners throughout the city, the students were also able to attend recently open and highly acclaimed Museum of the American Revolution in Old City, on Friday, July 28th.  ASAP debaters enjoyed a guided tour, engaged with Revolutionary War experts, and paid particular attention to debates among colonists and Native Americans about the merits of loyalty to the Crown and independence.



ASAP Summer Debate Academy at both Constitution Center and American Revolution Museum 

The final stop was the Constitution Center on Independence Mall on August 1st! The museum’s main exhibit and famous Freedom Rising performance provided our students with various perspectives on the Constitution’s first amendment. The protection of free speech proved to be an important discussion topic when considering the impact of social media in the United States. While con cases could use the spread of “fake news” on social media as evidence, pro cases could claim that any information – even disinformation – is protected by the first amendment.

As the quick two weeks came to a close, students were ready for the ultimate test: debating against their peers. It was a chance to take all of the information gained throughout the week, in addition to the hands-on field trips provided, to try and win against their opponents. Ultimately, the results were as follows:

Top teams (receiving trophies)

  • 1st: Joseph (8th grade) & Jahmeer (8th)
  • 2nd: Karlysa (10th) & Amirah (8th)
  • 3rd: Raihannah (9th) & Priya (9th)


Top speakers (receiving medals)

  • Joseph, 8th [#1 speaker]
  • Jahmeer, 8th
  • Dejah , 8th
  • Karlysa, 8th
  • Priya, 8th


IMG 2266 640x427

Coach Natacha and TA Jada, a previous Girls' High debate alum, currently attending Temple University standing proud with their kids! 

ASAP would like to thank the Hamilton Family Foundation, Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation, Wells Fargo, the Lenfest Foundation and the School District of Philadelphia for their support. In addition, ASAP is grateful for the Museum of the American Revolution and the National Constitution Center for providing hands-on experiences for our Philadelphia youth. Finally, we could not do it without our wonderful volunteer judges, teachers and TA's who dedicated two weeks of their summer, not only educating our youth on debate, but providing a fun and safe environment for the kids this summer.

As always, we look forward to next year!



This article was written and edited by ASAP Debate Coordinator, RJ Tischler and Communications & Development Coordinator, Victoria Bakey

2017 Summer Debate Academy Flyer!

Summer Debate Academy!

14th Annual ASAP Chess & Philadelphia Eagles Tournament


Over 200 students participated in the 14th Annual Philadelphia Eagles Chess Tournament at Lincoln Financial Field. Students were able to meet Swoop, challenge Philadelphia Eagles player Caleb Sturgis in chess, and visit the locker room for the award ceremony. Thank you to the Philadelphia Eagles and Eagles Charitable Foundation for hosting us, Caleb Sturgis for spending time with the students, parents and coaches for spending their Tuesday at the tournament, and the students, themselves, for participating all year in chess. Listed below are the final standings for individuals and teams:

1-5 U300

1. Yiguo Zhang (Walnut West Library)
2. Hieu Nguyen (Visitation)
3. Frankie Do (Visitation)
4. Hieu Pham (Visitation)
5. Marisa Maisano (A.S. Jenks)
Top Unrated: Khalif Nasir-Dennis (Black Knights)

1. A.S. Jenks
2. Walnut West Library
3. Visitation


1-5 Open

1. Long Quy (Masterman)
2. Emmanuel Cox (Enon)
3. Amin Branch (Enon)
4. Alikhan Muhammad (Black Knights)
5. Orion Brown (Meredith)
Top U500: Harry Barrett-Alexander (A.S. Jenks)

2. Masterman
3. Meredith


6-8 U500

1. Christian Diaz (Esperanza)
2. Kayla Cooke (Mitchell)
3. Elijah Chirico (Gideon)
4. Ryan Lienert (Hancock)
5. Charlene Southerland (Mitchell)
Top unrated: Nick Do (Visitation)

1. Mitchell
2. Gideon
3. Hancock


6-8 Open

1. Quinn Dominick (Masterman)
2. Angelica Speech  (Lenfest)
3. Marko Melishchuk (Masterman)
4. Derrick Moore (Mitchell)
5. Nasir Jones (Carver)
Top U700: David Barnes (Bregy)

1. Masterman
2. Esperanza
3. Carver


9-12 U800

2. Kuruvilla James (Northeast)
3. Jamal Williams (Dobbins)
4. Anh Nguyen (Community Academy
5. Weijun Ma (Northeast)
Top Unrated: Donald Dougherty (Dark Knights)

1. Dobbins
2. Dark Knights
3. Northeast


9-12 Open

1. Devon Taylor (Dark Knights)
2. Mark Frazier (Carver)
3. Josiah Findley (Carver)
4. Richard Martin (Carver)

1. Carver
2. Palumbo

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the tournament!

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