14th Annual ASAP Chess & Philadelphia Eagles Tournament


Over 200 students participated in the 14th Annual Philadelphia Eagles Chess Tournament at Lincoln Financial Field. Students were able to meet Swoop, challenge Philadelphia Eagles player Caleb Sturgis in chess, and visit the locker room for the award ceremony. Thank you to the Philadelphia Eagles and Eagles Charitable Foundation for hosting us, Caleb Sturgis for spending time with the students, parents and coaches for spending their Tuesday at the tournament, and the students, themselves, for participating all year in chess. Listed below are the final standings for individuals and teams:

1-5 U300

1. Yiguo Zhang (Walnut West Library)
2. Hieu Nguyen (Visitation)
3. Frankie Do (Visitation)
4. Hieu Pham (Visitation)
5. Marisa Maisano (A.S. Jenks)
Top Unrated: Khalif Nasir-Dennis (Black Knights)

1. A.S. Jenks
2. Walnut West Library
3. Visitation


1-5 Open

1. Long Quy (Masterman)
2. Emmanuel Cox (Enon)
3. Amin Branch (Enon)
4. Alikhan Muhammad (Black Knights)
5. Orion Brown (Meredith)
Top U500: Harry Barrett-Alexander (A.S. Jenks)

2. Masterman
3. Meredith


6-8 U500

1. Christian Diaz (Esperanza)
2. Kayla Cooke (Mitchell)
3. Elijah Chirico (Gideon)
4. Ryan Lienert (Hancock)
5. Charlene Southerland (Mitchell)
Top unrated: Nick Do (Visitation)

1. Mitchell
2. Gideon
3. Hancock


6-8 Open

1. Quinn Dominick (Masterman)
2. Angelica Speech  (Lenfest)
3. Marko Melishchuk (Masterman)
4. Derrick Moore (Mitchell)
5. Nasir Jones (Carver)
Top U700: David Barnes (Bregy)

1. Masterman
2. Esperanza
3. Carver


9-12 U800

2. Kuruvilla James (Northeast)
3. Jamal Williams (Dobbins)
4. Anh Nguyen (Community Academy
5. Weijun Ma (Northeast)
Top Unrated: Donald Dougherty (Dark Knights)

1. Dobbins
2. Dark Knights
3. Northeast


9-12 Open

1. Devon Taylor (Dark Knights)
2. Mark Frazier (Carver)
3. Josiah Findley (Carver)
4. Richard Martin (Carver)

1. Carver
2. Palumbo

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the tournament!

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