A student from Prince Hall requests to challenge her opponents' play, much to her teammate's delight
Gideon student Martin King analyzes his options at ASAP's Scrabble Winter Classic at the School District Atrium
Two students plot their next move at the 2013 Winter Scrabble Classic
Mayfair students show off their trophies from the 2013 Winter Scrabble Classic

ASAP Scrabble is a citywide initiative of ASAP/After School Activities Partnerships with the goals of promoting literacy among youth throughout Philadelphia and providing students with a safe, supervised after-school activity. Since 2006, ASAP Scrabble has engaged more than 8,000 students (grades K-12) in youth Scrabble clubs in schools, community and recreation centers, and libraries. Recognized by Philadelphia City Council as a citywide literacy initiative, ASAP Scrabble is a popular activity with teachers as a support for reading programs and as a way for Scrabble enthusiasts young and old to share their passion for the game with kids.  

Scrabble has several academic benefits. Some of those benefits are improved reading, vocabulary, dictionary and mathematical skills. These skills make the game a perfect complement to classroom learning. And for Philadelphia’s nearly 12,000 ESL students, Scrabble is a fun and engaging way to build vocabulary and master the English language.

To build a community of young wordsmiths, competitive events are an important part of our agenda. ASAP’s Winter Classic at the School District, and Spring into Scrabble events attract hundreds of students and community members, giving students a chance to show off their skills and community members a chance to learn more about ASAP.


To start an ASAP Scrabble Club at your site contact the ScrabbleCoordinator, Janette Chien, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 215-545-2727 ext. 13.



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