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Drama Resources

ASAP Drama offers a variety of resources to club leaders including free training and ongoing support, access to performance opportunities, trips to professional productions, masterclasses, festivals, competitions and open use of the ASAP Drama Drive and drama library. 

Training and Supports:

Part 1: Masterclass- Answers the question "what to teach" and how to design a well-crafted, student-focused lesson plan. 

Part 2: Building your Residency- Maps out how to organize and plan a club's skill growth over the course of 12-15 weeks that ends in an attainable culminating event.

Part 3: Managing the Chaos- Gives club leaders a jump start on how to approach common student behaviors and how to work effectively with a site and a co-leader to meet programmatic goals and reach the desired positive student outcomes. 

Additional Supports: ASAP Drama provides individualized, site-specific guidance in the form of site visits, phone calls, emails, lesson planning assistance, and classroom management aid. 

ASAP Drama Library: This is a library of hard copy drama materials for developing programming and extending professional development.The library entails books filled with activities, periodicals on drama and drama education, and a collection of grab bags for Drama Leaders. All are readily available for check out. Grab bags are a collection of ASAP Drama original designed curricula that have been organized in digestible units with complete with lesson plans and class sets of books ready to be implemented in drama clubs. Grab bags come with standards based assessments and rubrics.

The Drama Drive: This is an online resource center that club leaders can access and pull lessons, activities, request materials from the Drama Library, and connect with other clubs and club leaders all over the city. It is the hub of information and connection for all of ASAP Drama community.  


·         The Drama Drive, an online resource center and forum for Drama Leaders. 

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