A middle school student runs the followspot during ASAP Drama/ASPIRA Arts first multi-school musical.
Stetson Middle School students gaze out they window as the approach NYC to see their first Broadway musical.
Students eagerly write original characters in the play writing workshop at ASAP Drama's first Student Masterclass.
An ASAP Drama volunteer mans the book table as drama students look for a book to inspire them.
Furness High School students perform an original play at the ASAP Drama Showcase.
An ASAP Drama Leader mans the sound board alongside a drama student during a performance.
Ten diverse sites from the ASAP Drama network of programs gather to do a show circle before they all perform at the ASAP Drama Showcase.
Drama Littles (K-4th grade) from Women's Christian Alliance perform their version of Chicken Little.


The demand for drama volunteers from schools and community centers throughout Philadelphia is extremely high and ASAP Drama works hard to identify and place volunteers in a timely fashion. ASAP Drama asks that all potential club leader volunteers commit to volunteering for at least an hour per week for a minimum of 12-15 weeks, the average length of a semester. ASAP Drama also has one-time opportunities for volunteers! If you are interested in a one-time experience please indicate that in your orientation.

Volunteer drama club leaders must attend a Volunteer Orientation, and the 3-part training modules. In return, ASAP Drama will help volunteers obtain their state mandated clearances for working with youth, provide individualized mentoring in leading programs, placement, ongoing club support, as well as opportunities for additional professional development and events for their students. 

One-time volunteers are able to help provide event support and have the experience limited to one day or a few short days. 


For more details on volunteering with ASAP Drama, please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 215-545-2727 ext. 19 


To start the process for volunteering, please sign up for the next Volunteer Orientation

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