A middle school student runs the followspot during ASAP Drama/ASPIRA Arts first multi-school musical.
Stetson Middle School students gaze out they window as the approach NYC to see their first Broadway musical.
Students eagerly write original characters in the play writing workshop at ASAP Drama's first Student Masterclass.
An ASAP Drama volunteer mans the book table as drama students look for a book to inspire them.
Furness High School students perform an original play at the ASAP Drama Showcase.
An ASAP Drama Leader mans the sound board alongside a drama student during a performance.
Ten diverse sites from the ASAP Drama network of programs gather to do a show circle before they all perform at the ASAP Drama Showcase.
Drama Littles (K-4th grade) from Women's Christian Alliance perform their version of Chicken Little.


ASAP Drama assists sites in starting programs by training and supporting the site's staff to lead. No drama experience necessary to start. Once enrolled into the ASAP Drama network, sites have the option to request an ASAP Drama volunteer to assist their staff in co-leading a club. Trainings teach volunteers and staff club leaders how to structure a drama program, deliver engaging content, lesson plan, create an inclusive community, as well as how to map out and execute different types of culminating events. ASAP Drama also provides resources and individualized support to club leaders. All active clubs in the network are invited to participate in all events and supports ASAP Drama has to offer. 

To start a drama club, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 215-545-2727 ext 19.

ASAP Drama Provides

  • Free drama training, on-going support, and assistance with developing a site-specific drama program.
  • Regular email/phone communication.
  • Opportunities for dialogues regarding club and student progress, growth of the site’s drama program, and Drama Leaders’ skills in teaching drama.
  • Feedback spaces and site visits.
  • One-on-one, differentiated mentoring in developing site's staff's drama skills and honing their teaching skills.
  • The Drama Library, in which books filled with activities, periodicals on drama and drama education, and a collection of grab bags for Drama Leaders, are readily available for check out. 
  • The Drama Drive, an online resource center and forum for Drama Leaders.
  • Access to affordable tickets to professional productions and events. 
  • Participation in a semi-professional theater environment at the ASAP Drama Festival.
  • Participation in the annual Student Masterclass.
  • Adult Drama Leader events and connections. 
  • Access to volunteers and professional teaching artist.
  • Assistance with program supplies and props.
  • Administrative support
  • Oppertunity to be a member of a growing drama community 

Site Responsibilities

  • Identify a club leader and a site contact to steward over site's programming. 
  • Identify a space and time for the club’s weekly meeting.
  • Share data on club participants as well as stories and outcomes with ASAP Drama.
  • Communicate with ASAP Drama. 
  • Assistance with program supplies and props.


Want an ASAP Drama club at your site? 

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/a1KorVvQKE8pQimSA



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