A student focuses on his match.
Shamiyah Boozer faces off against Philadelphia Eagles' linebacker Najee Goode.
Students get advice from their coach at the 2016 Girls Summer Chess Camp.
A student makes his move at the 2016 Eagles Chess Tournament.
A student enjoys her match at 2016 Checkmate Violence.
Students square off in ASAP'S 2016 Philly Girls Play Chess Tournament.
Students compete at the 2016 Eagles Chess Tournament.

Interested in bringing chess to your site? ASAP coordinates clubs wherever children gather. Our chess club leaders and sites come from all walks of Philadelphia life and are just as diverse as the kids they serve. All club leaders and sites have a dedication to serving youth and believe in the benefits of chess for young people.

Not a great chess player? Don’t worry. No prior knowledge of chess is required to be a chess club leader or to host a club! ASAP provides training, instructional materials, chess supplies, placement assistance, and ongoing support for its club leaders and site partners.

Chess trainings are held monthly and are led by experienced chess coaches.

If you are interested in hosting an ASAP-coordinated chess club at your site, or leading a chess club, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 215-545-2727 ext. 17 with the following information:

  • Potential club leader contact information
  • Time and day available for chess (ASAP clubs generally run between 3pm and 6pm)
  • Number of students interested
  • Age range of students served by your site

ASAP generally asks that sites seek their own club leaders to expedite the process of establishing a chess club. Teachers, retired persons, parents, college students, and staff at your site are generally good places to start in order to find a club leader. ASAP can provide flyers and notices to help recruit volunteers. In some cases ASAP is able to point a volunteer in your direction; however, this process may take some time as it tends to be the case that the demand for volunteers outweighs the supply.

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