Include After School in Your Fall Plans!

The school year is back and in full swing which means that after school activities are back too! As the year gets started with books, homework, and fall festivities, don’t forget to keep kids engaged and excited about all of the opportunities their community has available!

Volunteer opportunities to get involved with after school activities are available in a variety of forms through ASAP. Start your own club and be a positive role model for kids this school year! You don’t need to be an expert. You just need to care. ASAP staff will be happy to match you with a location that is convenient for you and provide ongoing support to make sure your experience is as rewarding as possible. Due to the lack of resources within the School District, many after school clubs and activities are being cut down. ASAP will provide your background checks, supplies, and other support you need so starting a new club is as easy as pumpkin pie! One hour a week playing chess or Scrabble, learning to debate, or showcasing their dramatic side could change a child’s social interaction skills and interest in their education.  

 Another way to help keep kids active and safe is our new Directory! The Philadelphia Daily News released a copy of the Annual Directory of After School Enrichment Activities on Wednesday, September 11th.  The Directory includes all programs all over the city, not just our own. It includes information on thousands of engaging activities available to keep young people safe and stimulated in the dangerous after school hours, at over 800 sites across the city.

 The Directory is also available on the website! It is easily searchable by activity and has up-to-date contact information and details. If you know a child looking for a specific type of program or any program in a certain area, give our Directory a search.

 We wish you all a happy, healthy, and engaged start to this 2013-2014 school year! 

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