Spotlight: ASAP's Elementary Chess League

It's midway through January, and the regular season chess league matches are winding down while competition for the chess championships is heating up! Your loyal blogger took a trip out to Sheppard Elementary school yesterday to bring you the latest on the last elementary-level chess match of the season. In addition to hosts Sheppard, teams from West Oaklane Charter, Feltonville Intermediate, Rowan, and JB Kelly were all present for some serious chess playing.
Spotlight: ASAP's Elementary Chess League
The Sheppard team on their  West Oaklane opponents: "They're so tall!"
Coach Jamie Roberts: "You're sitting down! It doesn't matter!"
As students found their seats and got ready to play, a welcome announcement was heard from Sheppard's Principal James Otto, who also kindly provided pretzels for the students. The Sheppard league team focused before their matches by meditating, which they often practice with Coach Jamie Roberts. For these students, it's not just chess that's the focus. Coach Roberts notes that for her students, chess "translates into reading, math, and good judgement in life. That's the theme of the Sheppard chess club: chess is like life, where every choice has consequences."
Exciting news for some of the players, more pictures, and details about upcoming events after the jump!
As the games wound down with choruses of 'good game!' and shaking hands, it became clear that one of the Sheppard team members, Yerobi, had broken 100 points for the season, joining team captain Mishell in the Century Club. The team has also been bolstered by team member Adriannie's commitment to the game.
Spotlight: ASAP's Elementary Chess League
Sheppard team members (purple shirts) scrutinize their boards.
Despite the team's prowess (they're headed to the League quarter finals!), the team showed great sportsmanship to their competitors. In addition to giving his opponent pointers during his match, team member Jorge also took the time to give this chess newbie some pointers!
Spotlight: ASAP's Elementary Chess League
Jorge shows off the  Pie Defense Maneuver.
The afternoon concluded with some open play, because what do you do when you're finished playing your chess match? Play more chess!
Spotlight: ASAP's Elementary Chess League

Spotlight: ASAP's Elementary Chess League

The Chess League Championships will start with the quarter finals on February 20th, and will conclude with the finals at Citizen's Bank Park on March 6th. Best of luck to all of the students!

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